Project Management Complete System – PMCS


Project Management Complete System(PMCS) is a set of integrated tools which enhances project team’s effectiveness by automating PM processes. It allows all team members to work in a collaborative manner throughout the project life cycle and online help is also available to PMCS users.

Development of PMCS is unique and realistic goal-oriented project / program management approach. Globally very few companies have invested in such initiatives and MSCL proudly presents Pakistan in that list.

PMCS helps and guides project and business managers in qualifying an identified opportunity, assess initial risks, helps in preparing accurate quotation / price for the project, preparing a quality proposal, and once your proposal is accepted by the client it helps in preparing a risk-free contract. PMCS manages the milestones and associated deliverables. PMCS also manages project cost and revenue.

It helps project managers in evaluating employee’s performance and identifies good and bad performers. PMCS tracks project’s profitability in multi project environment and clearly identifies the profitable projects and the projects where the service organization is losing money.

PMCS provides facilities where project team members can report their performance and can compare their performance against their colleagues. PMCS produces number of MIS reports to help top management and project management in understanding their project-based business.


Top Reasons for Adopting PMCS

Standards & Examples
Simplicity, easy to learn
Support for all nine Project Management Knowledge Areas
A step towards ISO/CMM Certification
Low cost
Accuracy in services quotations
Ability to support all types of projects
Compatibility Import/Export from Microsoft Project
Support for full Project Life Cycle

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