Revenue Management Complete System – RMCS


Revenue Management Complete System (RMCS), a system developed on ERP principles, is a set of integrated tools, optimized to meet needs of the utility companies, and automates Revenue processes like Billing, Collection, Complaint Management, MIS, Consumer Management and Performance Management. Through online connectivity this system can be accessed in a controlled manner at towns, union councils, Consumers Service Centers, Call Centers and other departments. Its Disaster Recovery module ensures high System Availability. Its Collection module provides bills payment facility through Banks, ATMs, Kiosks, Call Centers and Internet, ensuring timely and accurate recording of bills payments, sending SMS to Consumer after receiving bill payment and identifying the defaulters.

RMCS is protected from unauthorized system access by its User Management Module. Its Audit Trail functions ensure complete financial control. RMCS is specially developed to improve financial performance of the utility companies.


Key Modules / Functions

1. Billing System
2. Complaint Management System - (CMS)
3. Consumer Management
4. User Management
5. Revenue Collection
6. Management Information System - (MIS)
7. Disaster Recovery

Top Reasons for Moving To RMCS

Ensures Consumer Satisfaction
Ensures Information Accuracy
Ensures Data Security
Ensures Reconciliation & Audit Trail
Improve Revenue Collection
Speed up Bill Processing
Timely Reporting to Stakeholders
Managed by Management

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