Implementation of RBTS for Call Centre Services


 NCR Corporation

Project Description

The Union Bank call center is working on PC based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application. Their management information system is using MKI-Equation application, which is developed in RPG for AS/400. The two applications talking different languages were unable to communicate to complete the call center user’s requests.

MSCL has developed an interface network that provides communication between the Window/NT Server based call center application and the MKI-Equation application on AS/400. This interface provides communication between the two systems using a common TCP/IP protocol.

The call center equipment and AS/400 are connected over a common LAN (local area network) using TCP/IP. Each call center machine, executing the IVR application, is installed with a Windows based DLL. The IVR application calls this DLL and passes on requests for query or transactions to MKI-Equation application. The request reaches to the MKI-Equation via MSCL’s developed interface network and its response is routed to the IVR over the same network.

NCR Corporation, being the prime contractor for Call Center Setup, is highly satisfied with MSCL’s methodology for system development and integration and work done by its team on this project.

Mr. Shabbir Buxamusa, Senior
Vice President, Remote
banking Services, Union Bnk