Project Management Outsourcing Services of EPB


 TDAP (Formerly EPB)

Project Description

In view of a number of Trade Policy initiatives announced by Government of Pakistan, the Export Promotion Bureau (hereinafter EPB) was managing many projects. Since EPB they were managing many related projects simultaneously, the requirements exceeded project management and into the domain of program management. There was a requirement to manage these multiple projects regularly and in parallel. In this context, EPB outsourced project management related work to MSCL.

Under the scope of this project, MSCL provided the following services:

Solution Definition -

Client’s current and future project management needs were understood and accordingly a solution was modeled. During this phase customer's requirements were mapped with available PMCS™ functionalities and Gap Analysis report was prepared. Thus customization needs were established.

Solution Generation -

During this phase agreed customization was performed the standard parameters / templates prepared and prototype was demonstrated to the customers decision makers and key users. Agreed changes in Layouts and detailed specifications for processing, queries and reports were incorporated. System Test and Acceptance Tests were performed in this phase with active participation of the EPB management.

Solution Deployment -

During this phase the customized system was put into production. PMCS™ and pre-requisite software products are installed.

Project Management Services (Outsourcing) -

These services were provided for one year. Besides project planning, budgeting, change management etc, these also included Data gathering, Data Entry, production of required MIS reports and other related work. These services were provided in a planned manner through out the Contract Period of one year.

At end of the contract period all project assets including trained staff, PMCS, and Hardware were handed over to the client.


Outsourcing Services

Tariq Ikram,
Chairman TDAP