C-Track Information System (CTIS)


 Tracker (Pvt) Ltd.

Project Description

C-Track Information System is working on Visual Basic application. The application is based on TPL’s requirements for the development of their information system.

This information system mainly consists of the Customer Management, the General Ledger, Inventory, Billing modules and Payroll module for the printing of the pay slips and bank letter.

CTIS helps TPL to efficiently monitor their daily operations that in turn will result in amiable customer relations. Each and every activity that is related to the customer is dealt through the application, like; registration of a vehicle, maintaining customer calling log, billing, invoice generating and dispatching. Each and every request or complaint raised by a customer is also recorded and monitored through this application.

Inventory management is another facility included in this application. All sorts of inventory related transactions are handled in the most practical and efficient manner. This module is developed in such a way that at any point in time one can easily trace down the movement of the inventory within no time.

Handling all sort of financial truncations such as payment of bills, invoice generating and dispatching, Managing GL Accounts, Cash Flow Management, Receivable Management, Amortization and Depreciation Management, etc are another benefit of this application. This application has made preparation of strenuous Financial Statements (like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Schedule of Operating Fixed Assets, and Stock Valuation) as easy as just a click of a button.

The application also generates various MIS reports, which helps management in decision-making at levels.

Ali Jamil,